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Automatic Integrated Gene detection System

The Automatic Integrated Gene Detection System, as a new generation of gene detection system, can automatically realize the process from sampling to report. It features 16 channels for on-demand detection, meanwhile the cartridge being fully enclosed to prevent contamination. The system is easy to operate, no need for nucleic acid purifying in advance or a professional PCR laboratory. The PCR solution is pre-installed in the cartridge, realizing the real point-of-care testing.

The Automatic Integrated Gene Detection System adopts the fluorescence real-time detection to analyze the amplification of nucleic acids, and is suitable for human genome engineering, forensic medicine, oncology, population biology, paleontology, zoology and other research fields as well as polymerase chain reaction fluorescence detection, isothermal amplification detection and magnetic bead purification for nucleic acid in a number of research fields and clinical diagnosis fields such as viruses, tumors, genetic diseases, etc.

Application scenes

Hospital, Customs, Mobile detection, CDC

Working principle



Simple in and result out, easy and fast---The entire process of sample extraction, purification, amplification, and detection can be completed in about one hour, which greatly reduces the full period of molecular detection. It can test up to one hundred samples per day.

Fully enclosed microfluidics designed cartridge ensures the safe and contamination-free detection---The uniquely designed cartridge controls the one-way flow of reagents and prevents contamination by microfluidic valves and multiphase sealing. The test can be conducted in ordinary laboratory.

Multi-channels on-demand detection for point-of-care testing---Independent controlled four units with 16-well sample throughput realizes the on-demand detection, greatly saving time, space, and labor costs.

Real-time fluorescent PCR technology with multiple fluorescent detection---It features the specificity and sensitivity of PCR detection, which greatly shortens the window period of disease detection. All the nucleic acids in the sample enter the reaction system, which greatly improves the sensitivity. Multiple fluorescence detection and multi-target joint detection guarantee the efficient and economical detection.

User friendly large array software system---Data display and records are complete and clear to ensure accurate results and data security.

High sensitivity PMT detector---By adopting Hamamatsu PMT detector, the system can detect the weak signals so to improve the sensitivity of result.;

  • Model

    LifeReady 1000 XVI

  • Sample capacity

    16 samples

  • Block temperature range


  • Block temperature fluctuation


  • Block  temperature  accuracy


  • Temperature  display  accuracy


  • Fluorescence intensity detection repeatability

    CV value≤3%

  • Fluorescence intensity detection precision

    CV value≤5%

  • Dyes

    F1:FAM、SYBER Green;

  • Input power


  • Data connector

    USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi

  • Size

    610 mm (L) × 550 mm (W) × 570 mm (H)

  • Weight


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