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COVID-19 nucleic acid POCT detection kit

The kit is used to qualitatively detect the S gene and N gene of the new  coronavirus from the suspected cases of pneumonitis, patients with suspected clustering cases, and other kinds of pharyngeal swabs and sputum samples from patients undergoing diagnosis or differential diagnosis of new coronavirus infection. 

The samples could be the throat swab, sputum, alveolar lavage fluid or stool.


At present, the Automatic Nucleic Acids Detection System and supporting detection kits are used in CDCs and some clinical units in China. 

There has more than 200 sets of the system installed in the hospitals and clinical units. And LifeReal supplies around 5000 tests per day.


Automatic Results


Safe---The sealed kit to prevent the detection of pathogen leakage, reduce contact with infectious samples, and protect medical personnel

Simple---Manual sample operation in 2 minutes, training to the medical staff just in 10 minutes

Convenient---No PCR laboratory is required, no contamination

High sensitivity---Critical state multiphase microfluidic technology is used to effectively improve the efficiency of nucleic acid extraction, and the detection sensitivity is high up to 250 virus copies.

Name Storage Package Order No. Note
COVID-19 nucleic acid POCT detection kit (AIGS real-time fluorescent PCR method)
24T C0011-E
AIGS-LifeReady 1000
COVID-19 nucleic acid detection kit(Real-time fluorescent PCR method) 
96T C0011-b
Traditional realtime 
PCR machine