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AIGS PetReady detection kits

The main pathogens that cause common infectious diseases in pets are viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma and chlamydia, and parasites, which seriously endanger the health of pets.

The cartridge of the PetReady detection system combines microfluidics, nano-superparamagnetic beads nucleic acid extraction, fluorescence real-time PCR, enzyme and reagent critical state preservation technologies, which is pre-installed with the extraction and amplification reagents, so to realize the fully-closed automatic output from the sample to the gene detection result. It avoids the shortcomings of the conventional molecular detection with false positive results, although with high sensitivity. 


Automatic Results


Easy manual operation in 2 minutes

Scanning bar code or click Rapid Run, no need to set the program

Real-time Fluorescent PCR Technology, High Sensitivity

Fully-closed Microfluidic Kit, No Contamination

From sample to report as less as in 1 hour

Multi-channel on-demand inspection, Timely diagnosis

Complete range of kits, Meet various testing needs

Pathogen Quantitative Detection, Monitoring the treatment process

Detection kits

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