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PetReady S | Pets Automatic Integrated Gene detection System

The main pathogens that cause common infectious diseases in pets ars viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma and chlamydia, and parasites, which serious endanger the health of pets.


The cartridge of the PetReady detection system combines microfluidics, nano-superparamagnetic beads nucleic acid extraction, fluorescence real-time PCR, enzyme and reagent critical state preservation technologies, which is pre-installed with the extraction and amplification reagents, so to realize the fully-closed automatic output from the sampleto the gene detection result. It avoids the shortcomings of theconventional molecular detection with false positive results, althoughwith high sensitivity.



Fully-closed Microfluidic Kit, No Contamination---Without need of a three-part PCR laboratory, on-site detection after sampling can be realized through fully enclosed microfluidic cartridge. The ready-to-use kits do not require any dosage with the extraction reagents and detection reagents preassembled.

Real-time Fluorescent PCR Technology, High Sensitivity---It combines the specificity and sensitivity of PCR detection technology, which shortens the window period of disease detection, and all the extracted nucleic acids from the sample enter the reaction system, which greatly improves the sensitivity. 

From sample to report as less as in 1 hour---The whole process, including the extraction, purification, amplification and detection of sample, will be done in about one hour, which shortens the period of detection.
Simple and intuitive software for easy operation---It’s easy to operate with the optimized software interface and customizable experimental program. Test results can be traced and reports can be printed.

PC control+LIS connection available


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