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High-throughput horizontal tissue grinder

H-Max is a multifunctional necessary assistant for laboratory sample preparation. It can grind and homogenize many kinds of samples no matter hard, moderate hardness or soft, so that the processed sample can meet with the coming experimental use for the laboratory. By using different kinds of tanks, GeneReady H-Max can deal with the dry grinding, wet grinding or frozen grinding, including cracking the cell wall or extracting the DNA/RNA. It is widely used in the field of biomedicine, agriculture, chemicals, RoHS, toys, environmental test, QC, education, etc.


High efficient (frozen) grinding for the plant and animal tissue

Breaking and cracking of bacterial and yeast cell wall

DNA & RNA extraction of high-throughput plant and animal tissue

Sample well homogenized

Grinding samples for food, feed, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.

Mineral and mineral samples grinding and homogenizing

Sample preparation for physical and chemical analysis

Preparation of Three - Generation Sequencing Amplified Samples

Function: Crushing, mixing, homogenization, cell disruption and frozen grinding

Application field: Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Plastics, Building Materials, Electronics, Environment, Food, Glass, Ceramics, Medicine, Minerals and Metallurgy, etc.

Sample hardness: hard, moderate hardness, soft, brittle, elastic, including fibers, etc.

Feature:Accurate and fast

Advanced invented horizontal beads reciprocating grinding.One pair of high speed amplitude of vibration arms guarantee the instrument to provide enough force to grind the samples in the tubes by collision with the beads in the tube.It can grind, homogenize, smash or mix the samples within seconds, and then the processed sample can reach to 5μm.

Safe and convenient:The most economic grinding method to deal with the frozen samples

By using the specific tank, the GeneReady H-Max can deal with the frozen samples or heat sensitive samples. The special designed rolling cap tank can be immersed in liquid nitrogen and keep the good sealing to the sample so to resist the water from the air into the sample to become the condensation.

Wide range of application

GeneReady H-Max can process wide range of samples even though the materials with fibers and it can process the hard samples such as root or seed of plants, tissue, bone or fur of animals, plastics, minerals, soils, bacteria and yeast. The grinded samples are mostly used for the extraction of DNA/RNA, proteins, or for trace analysis, and other kinds of coming experiments requiring for nanometers or fine refined samples.

Working procedure: Easy and Fast

Add sample ---- Add grinding beads ---- Add lysis buffer (as required) ---- Seal the lid and locate into the tank/adapter ---- Assemble the tank/adapter into the instrument ---- Strength and lock ---- Close the protection cover ---- Setting the programs ---- Press to run (typically 2mins) ----Sample for use

  • Model


  • Working principle

    Impact force, friction force

  • Moving method

    Horizontal reciprocating oscillating ball grinding

  • Max. sample size


  • Grind sample


  • Typical time

    2 munites

  • Grinding model

    Dry grinding, wet grinding, frozen grinding

  • Frozen grinding

    Adapters and grinding tanks can be immersed in liquid nitrogen, the temperature of the sample can be as low as to -192℃

  • Grinding plates


  • Sample capacity

    2*96well plates, 2*28*2.0ml EP tube, 2*12*5.0ml tube, 2*4*5ml stainless steel tube,2*25ml Hard stainless steel grinding tube,2*50ml Hard stainless steel grinding tube

  • Display

    Digital display

  • Shaking frequency

    100-1800 reciprocation/min, continuous and adjustable

  • Grinding timing


  • Pause timing


  • Programming function

    grinding time, pause time and speed

  • Driving

    brushless motor

  • Power


  • Size


  • Net WT


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