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Motorized Pipette controller

Built with highly precise motor controls and stepless speed regulation. The pipette controller works well with most popular glass and plastic pipettes/tips in the range of 0.1ml to 100ml. It has an intuitive colorful LCD to show the procedure of the pipette controller, aspirating or ejecting.

With the ability to compensate for pressure, this controller will prevent corrosion due to harmful vapors. To help increase productivity, the battery lasts up to 2000times pipetting (for 25ml tips), and the controller can be used while the battery is recharging. It is designed for ultimate comfort and ergonomic safety, which saves time for the laboratory workers.


Intuitive big LCD display

Motor: stepless speed control either by manual buttons or three level preset speed by LCD display buttons

Overfilling protection filter: blocking any liquid from entering the unit so to protect the samples from cross contamination

Long working time: rechargeable environmentally friendly lithium polymer battery enables around 2,000 times of continuous work (for 25ml tips) after full charging

Each unit comes with power supply (charging), filter, wall mounting and controller stand

  • Order No.


  • Volume


  • Adjustable speed

    manual button stepless speed adjustment or LCD display motor preset speed (Low, Middle, High)

  • Aspirating speed

    10s for 50ml pipettes

  • Pipetting mode

    gravity pipette or pump blow out

  • Filter


  • Charging time


  • Pipetting time

    2000 times for 25ml pipettes

  • Battery volume


  • USB power supply

    100V-240V,AC+10%, 50/60Hz ,5V/2A

  • Net WT


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