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African Swine Fever Virus Nucleic Acid(DNA)Detection Kit

African swine fever (ASF) is an acute, hemorrhagic and virulent infectious disease that infects domestic pigs and various wild boars, and the most acute and acute infection mortality rates are highly as 100%.

By using LifeReal  ASFV detection kit, the operator only needs to add the magnetic beads from the kit and the liquid sample to the cartridge, scan the bar-code to the AIGS instrument, and then load the cartridge to the slot of the machine so to automatically complete the test until it judges the definite result. There is no need to equip the PCR laboratory. 

Working principle

This kit needs to be used with the AIGS Automatic Integrated Gene Detection System produced by HangZhou Lifereal Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The system uses real-time PCR detection technology, which integrates the automatic sample nucleic acid extraction/purification, nucleic acid amplification, fluorescence detection, and result analysis.

The system uses a single use disposable cartridge containing nucleic acid extraction/purification and PCR amplification detection reagents for fully automated detection from sample to result.

This kit is an integrated test cartridge, and all reagents for testing are preinstalled in the cartridge.

The reagents comprise the specific primer for detecting a conserved gene fragment of African swine fever virus and a specific Taqman fluorescent probe, and real-time fluorescent PCR amplification is used to detect African swine fever virus nucleic acids in a fully-closed reaction system. For a full description of the system, please refer to the user manual of the AIGS Automatic Integrated Gene Detection System. At the same time, the pigs‘ specific genes were used as internal quality control to conduct comprehensive quality control of the detection process.



Automatically from sample to report

High sensitivity and accurate result

Easy operation, Microfluidic design

Close system, No contamination 

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