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PetReady | Pets Automatic Integrated Gene detection System

The main pathogens that cause common infectious diseases in pets ars viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma and chlamydia, and parasites, which serious endanger the health of pets.

The cartridge of the PetReady detection system combines microfluidics, nano-superparamagnetic beads nucleic acid extraction, fluorescence real-time PCR, enzyme and reagent critical state preservation technologies, which is pre-installed with the extraction and amplification reagents, so to realize the fully-closed automatic output from the sampleto the gene detection result. It avoids the shortcomings of theconventional molecular detection with false positive results, althoughwith high sensitivity.


A fully integrated gene extraction and analysis system---The close system ensures easy operation without a PCR lab. The preassembled kits using the microfluidic technology guarantee the instant detection by adding the sample to the kit without need of preparing the reagents.

Multiplex PCR detection individually controlled---AIGS includes 4 individual detection units. Each unit can run one target kit at any time. One unit can run a multiplex PCR test up to 5 colors. AIGS has two models,one includes the controller,which can control the extra 5 sets of AIGS without controller.

High sensitivity and accurate result---Using the high sensitive Hamamazu PMT detector,Microfluidic designed cartridge.

Internet+ data transfer---Connectors: Wifi, USB,LAN. 

  • Model/Order No.

    LifeReady 1000 V

  • Light source


  • Detector

    PMT photomultiplier tube

  • Temperature control module


  • Block temperature range


  • Block temperature fluctuation


  • Block  temperature  accuracy


  • Temperature  display  accuracy


  • Dyes


  • Display

    7-inch color touch screen

  • Power supply

    AC100-240V, 50-60Hz, 350W

  • Data connector


  • Size

    Length380mm × Width305mm × Height343mm

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