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Biological Sample Preparation System

GeneReady Plus is an open, fast, efficient, high-throughput biological sample preparation system that combines functions of high-temperature inactivation, low-temperature crushing, and centrifuging. The new high-temperature inactivation program can inactivate a variety of pathogens with one key, avoiding biohazards in the extraction process. The device can rapidly process 24 samples at the same time; by matching different kits, it treats samples with cell crushing from different sources (including clinical samples, soil, plant & animal tissues/organs, bacteria, yeast, fungi, spores, paleontological specimens, etc.), quickly releasing their original DNA, RNA and protein for the subsequent extraction and purification.

GeneReady  Series


Principle of Sample Preparation

Physical method: Under the 4D high-speed running of the device, the hard zirconia ceramic beads and other abrasive materials in the grinding tubes, can quickly and fully crush the cell wall, nuclear membrane and so on of samples.

Chemical method: At the same time of physical grinding, the optimized kits dissolve and denature the cell membrane and protein of samples.

Biological method: Protease and lysozyme can be added into the processing reagent, and the appropriate temperature of controlling enzyme activity can be set up on the device to further improve the lysis efficiency.

Wide Application

Suitable for all kinds of plant tissues including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and other samples

Suitable for all kinds of animal tissues including brains, hearts, lungs, stomachs, livers, thymuses, kidneys, intestines, lymph nodes, muscles, bones and other samples

Suitable for fungi, bacteria, viruses and other samples

Suitable for food and drug composition analysis and detection


Reduce the risk of infection---One-key temperature inactivation to eliminate bio-safety risks of pathogens; Self-disinfection to prevent cross-contamination; setting up procedures according to relevant standards.

Keep the sample activity---In the low-temperature mode, samples can be mixed evenly at low temperature, and the decrease of biological activity of samples can be avoided effectively.

Suitable for more samples---In the heat-up mode, the device can be used for sample incubation, etc. And the 4D crushing technology with a continuous operation function (up to 99 minutes), improves nucleic acid or protein yields. Low-speed ultra-long time continuous operation function, is particularly suitable for genome preparation.

Improve the operating experience---5.7-inch color touch screen, simple and clear. The program setup is simple and convenient, and can run continuously and automatically. The cover with the window-through design, helps to observe the internal operation of the device with a large volume sample processing. Centrifugal function, without liquid nitrogen and other hazardous materials for an auxiliary processing. Electromagnetic lock protection and alarm function bring safety and easy maintenance. Brushless variable-frequency motor, no carbon particles, no need for a carbon brush replacing.;


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